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The Accreditation Committee of the Postgraduate Medical Education Council of Tasmania (PMCT) undertakes accreditation of terms within the public hospital health services in Tasmania. The PMCT has been granted the accreditation role in Tasmania by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) ensuring the standards, which are set out by the AMC and the Medical Board of Australia (MBA), are maintained.

The accreditation cycle that the PMCT Accreditation Committee undertakes is every four years with follow up and interim reviews undertaken, as deemed necessary. To ensure that all aspects of accreditation meets the standards set out by AMC and MBA, the Committee manages recruiting, training and retraining of survey team members, holds minuted meetings four times a year as well as out of session meetings when required and provides bi-yearly newsletters, accessed via the web pages. The policy documents pertaining to accreditation are updated and maintained on a four yearly cycle.

The accredited terms, that have been approved in Tasmania, are maintained on the PMCT website. The website is updated on a regular basis to ensure currency of information.


  • Chair Accreditation Committee
  • Deputy Chair of the Accreditation Committee (an existing member of the Accreditation Committee as delegated by the Chair)
  • PMCT Chair or Delegate
  • Directors of Clinical Training - THS-S, THS-N and THS-NW
  • Medical Education Advisor- rotating 12 months appointment
  • Junior Medical Officers
  • Hospital representatives from RHH, NWRH-MCH and LGH
  • Representative from the Tasmanian Board of Medical Board of Australia
  • Representative from University of Tasmania - Medical School
  • Representative from General Practice
  • Consumer representative
  • Manager Accreditation
  • Other members co-opted as necessary.

While all above groups must be represented, the representative requirement may be met by individuals, occupying more than one position.

Report of the Accreditation Committee

Read a brief report of the Accreditation Committee Report.