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Accreditation Survey Visits (also known as Full Accreditation Survey Visits) are conducted on a four yearly cycle. Visits outside this period are scheduled on an ‘as required’ basis and are generally the result of specific issues, concerns raised or part of an appeals process. The process for the Full Accreditation Survey Visit has ten steps. The following highlights the tasks involved in each of the ten steps.

Prior to the Survey Visit

Step 1

  • Senior health service staff are informed that an accreditation survey visit is due.
  • The health service completes an accreditation survey, a timetable and provides any supporting documentation.

Step 2

  • The Chair of Accreditation Committee finalises the survey visit date in consultation with the accreditation survey team and the health service.
  • The health service provides the Accreditation Committee with appropriate information and a final timetable.
  • Accreditation Survey Visit example timetable 2021 (PDF- 150KB)

Step 3

  • The information provided by the health service is forwarded to the survey team.

Step 4

  • The survey team consider the information provided by the health service for the final agenda.

The Survey Visit

Step 5

  • The survey team carry out the accreditation survey visit.
  • The survey team provides feedback to the health service at the conclusion of the visit.

Following the Survey Visit

Step 6

  • The survey team finalise the survey report.

Step 7

  • The health service receives the draft report.

Step 8

  • The final survey report is produced and sent to PMCT Accreditation Committee for consideration.

Step 9

  • Accreditation decisions are referred to the PMCT Board for final review and consideration
  • The report and its accreditation decisions and recommendations etc are not valid until it has been approved by the Board.

Step 10

  • The approved decision and survey report are provided to the health service.
  • The Tasmanian Board of the Medical Board of Australia is notified of the decision.

Survey Team

The primary responsibility of the survey team is to conduct a comprehensive review of the intern training program at the health service under consideration. The survey team evaluates health services as effective training sites and evaluates each intern term. It also recommends improvements in education and training for interns.

A survey team normally comprises three to four people, with a minimum of three people, who represent any of the following medical education stakeholder groups:

  • Clinician/Term Supervisor of Intern Training
  • Junior Medical Officer (JMO) (Intern through to Registrar)
  • Director of Clinical Training (DCT)
  • Medical Education Advisor
  • Medical Administrator
  • Interstate Accredited Surveyor/s
  • Co-opted members as approved by the Accreditation Committee

More information on The PMCT Accreditation Guidelines 2022