To promote excellence in clinical training, appropriate educational and learning experiences and effective supervision through accreditation of health services and  Intern and PGY2/3 terms to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and medical care.


The PMCT Accreditation Committee reports to the PMCT Board


  • Chair of Accreditation Committee
  • Chair of PMCT Executive Committee or Delegate
  • Directors of Clinical Training -THS-S, THS-N, THS-NW
  • Statewide Education and Accreditation Advisor
  • Medical Education Advisor
  • Junior Medical Officer
  • Hospital representatives from RHH, NWRH and LGH
  • Representative from the Tasmanian Board of Medical Board of Australia
  • Representative from University of Tasmania - Medical School
  • Representative from General Practice
  • Consumer representative
  • Manager Accreditation
  • Other members co-opted as necessary.

While all above groups must be represented, the representative requirement may be met by individuals occupying more than one position.


 PMCT AC Panel

The PMCT AC Panel will be convened when either an item/s, which has been presented to PMCT Accreditation Committee, is to be considered as urgent and reviewed at an out of session meeting or when the Chair considers the item/s need/s urgent review.

  • Chair of the PMCT AC
  • Chair of PMCT Executive Committee or Delegate
  • Statewide Education and Accreditation Advisor
  • One Director of Clinical Training (who does not have a conflict of interest to the specific item/s)
  • Manager Accreditation

Role and responsibilities

  • Undertake Intern accreditation functions delegated from the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Board of Australia (MBA)
  • Develop standards and criteria for intern accreditation in line with national accreditation standards and MBA requirements for intern registration, and be aware of national developments in the field
  • Periodically survey hospitals to ensure existing Intern terms comply with the Council's accreditation standards
  • Review new Intern terms and make recommendations about their accreditation status
  • Develop guidelines and tools to support the accreditation process
  • Develop policies relating to accreditation processes and to manage and monitor compliance with the policies
  • Communicate with stakeholders in relation to accreditation standards, policy and issues
  • Advise the PMCT Board on matters relevant to accreditation
  • Develop and undertake accreditation functions for PGY2/3 terms
  • Review all PMCT accreditation documents on a regular basis as deemed necessary
  • Liaise with other State and Territory Postgraduate Medical Councils regarding accreditation.

Conduct of meetings

  • Meetings are held four times a year and more often as required
  • Meetings are held via teleconference and in person
  • A quorum is at least 50% of members, plus the Chair
  • Members must be familiar and abide by the PMCT Code of Conduct Policy.

Conflict of Interest

  • Members with items of Conflict of Interest as asked to declare this at the commencement of the meeting and to absent themselves from the relevant item discussion
  • Members must be familiar with the PMCT Conflict of Interest Policy.


The following will be made available on the PMCT website:

  • Health services who meet the AMC and MBA accreditation standards
  • Intern terms that meet the AMC and MBA accreditation standards
  • Accreditation Standards, Guidelines and Policies
  • Accreditation Survey Tools