We hope that you find your employment both interesting and rewarding and encourage you to read more about our role with junior doctors working in the region.

In the North West of the state PMCT employs a team of 5 people to support the education of doctors in their early postgraduate years (usually PGY1 to PGY3) and the accreditation of training sites and training posts for junior doctors in Tasmania. All staff work on a fractional basis and are located at the Rural Clinical School. The Medical Education Advisor and Clinical Medical Educator work across both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of medical education.

PMCT has strong links with the University of Tasmania – Rural Clinical School – and THO North West which supports the North West Regional Hospital and the Mersey Community Hospital. In addition, PMCT in the NW has a strong commitment to the training, supervision and support of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who currently make up a significant percentage of the junior doctor cohort at both hospitals. Directors of Clinical training and other interested clinicians regularly provide AMC exam preparation tutoring.