1. Promote the profile of the JMO Forum as the voice of Tasmania's JMOs with regard to education and accreditation.
  2. Develop teaching programs for JMOs in Tasmania, with an aim to provide protected teaching time.
  3. Develop JMOs' skills in teaching both their juniors, and their peers.
  4. Ensure JMOs receive broad clinical experience during both 'core' and 'non-core' rotations.
  5. Facilitate quality improvements in the running of JMO training and accreditation through active involvement in Accreditation Visits.
  6. Identify areas of workforce need and facilitate discussion regarding the creation of new Clinical Positions for JMOs in Tasmanian Hospitals and the Community.
  7. Encourage JMO involvement in Medical Student Curriculum Committees to assist vertical integration.
  8. Encourage continuity of care through the use of timely and efficient Handover practices, including Rolling Handover between JMOs at the change of rotations.