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The PMCT accreditation process has been designed to obtain information about health service performance of the intern training program against explicit standards and criteria, to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Interns achieve a high standard of general clinical education and training; and
  2. The best possible environment exists for the organisation, supervision, education and training of interns.

 Accreditation is awarded to a health service for:

  1. The overall health service intern training program; and
  2. Individual intern terms

The objective of the accreditation process is to ensure that the training health service complies with the following seven standards:

  1. Health service culture and support for interns
  2. Orientation
  3. Education and training program
  4. Supervision
  5. Feedback and assessment
  6. Program evaluation
  7. Facilities and amenities

The standards have been developed with reference to the following documents:

  • Prevocational Medical Accreditation Framework for the Education and Training of Prevocational Doctors (CPMEC, 2009); National Intern Training Accreditation Framework (AMC 2014); and Registration Standard: Granting registration as a medical practitioner to Australian and New Zealand graduates on completion of intern training (MBA, 2012).

  • The AMC and the Medical Board of Australia have approved on 14 December 2016 revisions to the intern standards and domains and this can be found at

The PMCT Accreditation Guidelines (PDF-395KB) outline the process for intern training programs in Tasmania.