Orientation program

PMCT is committed to providing a comprehensive orientation program for all new junior doctors, at all levels, when commencing work with THS.

The orientation program run by PMCT covers a number of important areas, including:

  • an overview of working with THS (timesheets, rosters, allocations, leave)

  • what is required of junior doctors from a professionalism perspective

  • mandatory education and clinical skills training requirements

  • mid and end of term assessments, and

  • support available to junior doctors who need assistance including health and well-being or improving performance

During the first week of January each year, which is also the final week of Term 4, new interns are expected to attend the Orientation week which is facilitated by PMCT, in conjunction with support from relevant THS staff. In addition to the overview of working at THS as outlined above, interns also undertake shadowing of current junior doctors on the wards, enabling them to gain first-hand experience in all aspects of ward requirements.

Some junior doctors, particularly IMGs, commence with THS throughout the year. For these junior doctors PMCT provides a condensed version of orientation, which covers all the important aspects of working with THS and associated requirements.