All Interns and IMGs at PGY1 level are required to have a mid and end of term assessment completed and signed by your clinical supervisor for each term you undertake.

Your Term Supervisor will assess your progress in a work-based setting. These assessments are primarily to provide feedback on your performance and assist your professional development. The mid-term assessment ensures that your performance-to-date is assessed, and any recommendations on your progress are made in a timely manner.  The end-of-term assessment also ensures you have met your pre-defined learning objectives.

Your supervisor will be looking for whether you can demonstrate the skills and knowledge described in Intern training – Intern outcome statements which can be found on the AMC website.

If there are any issues with your progress, such as if you are performing below the level your supervisors expect for an intern, you may be required to participate in remediation. This is an immediate and natural process in the training program that aims to support your professional development. Any remediation is tailored to your specific circumstances and jointly agreed with your supervisors.

Once your assessment has been completed and signed by your supervisor, it then needs to be signed by yourself and returned to the Director of Clinical Training (DCT) or the Medical Education Advisor (MEA).  Your supervisor should discuss your assessment with you in person.