Whilst the majority of junior doctors typically commence the year at the start of January, IMGs at PGY1-PGY2 level often commence throughout the year. The start date is typically determine by Ahpra and visa approvals.

Newly appointed IMGs will usually meet with PMCT staff at the commencement of their employment with the THS. These meetings provide an overview of the following:

  • An outline the expectations of an IMG from a learning, outcome, and professionalism perspective

  • Overview of term requirements, including assessment

  • Overview of education requirements, including completion of mandatory skills training

  • Provision of relevant documents including a term description for the commencement term, and a copy of the ROVER (rolling handover) document, in addition to other important information

Please refer to the individual hospital site sections for further information about the Orientation programs.

This orientation manual has been designed to complement hospital based orientation programs and aims to provide doctors who have recently arrived in Australia with information that will help them settle into the community and function effectively.

The manual is presented in four sections:
  • Section 1
    An overview of PMCT, governing bodies and training
  • Section 2
    Support and community services for doctors and their families in Tasmania
  • Section 3
    Important things to do as soon as possible after you arrive in Australia
  • Section 4
    Basic information about how the health system operates in Australia.